GETTING MARRIED YOUNG// Pros, cons and more pros

GETTING MARRIED YOUNG // Pros, cons and more pros

 photos by Love made visible
photos by Love made visible

I have officially been married for 6 months.

It feels like a month ago that I was sitting on the beach, my heart racing, palms sweating, waiting for Marcel to speak those four long awaited words.

It honestly doesn’t feel like we have been married for half a year already, but then again they do say that the time flies when you’re having fun. (Insert cheeky wink)

I feel unbelievably blessed to have found the one whom my soul loves at the young age of eighteen (we were good friends since we were fourteen but it was only at eighteen years of age when Marcel got out of the friend zone) 

I know that marriage is not for everyone & I do believe that some are called for a life of singleness (which according to Paul is simpler in many ways) but for those who are still young &  are having thoughts or concerns about getting married soon, this is my experience;


In short- it’s the absolute best thing we could have ever done.


Family culture:

We were lucky enough to have started dating as teenagers and had a good few years to truly grow together and get to know one another before having the means to even think about get married. 

We knew each other fully, faults, flaws and all.

We were both living with our parents before marriage & once married we moved in together.

This was especially good for us as neither one of us had already established our own ‘home habits’ and got to form our own family culture together.



Of course, being young for most people means that you are in the early stages of your career and financially this could be quite straining with all the expenses that come with a wedding, moving in together, being independent or accumatively known as “adulting”. I do think that it is very important to be wise stewards of our finances, to plan & budget accordingly ahead of time, but I also feel that one of the most exciting parts of starting out your life together is saving up for that white linen sofaworx couch that you’ve been eyeing out for months and the joy that you experience when you get to march into the furniture store, swipe your card & purchase it with your own hard earned cash. It makes you so much more appreciative for what you have. And to be honest, as blessed as we have been starting out, and with many generous gifts from our families, I think starting out with everything that you desire and more, would be pretty terrible. Where’s the fun in that? 


Little Le Sueurs:

This one is big on my heart pangs. Those who know me know that children are definitely something God has put on my heart since I was a wee lass myself.

I used to babysit people’s kids when I pretty much was one. 

Having kids young has so many perks. 

Such as being a young parent & having extra energy when they hit the “I’ve worked out how to use my legs & I will burn you to the ground” stage, still being fit and ready for more adventures together when your kids leave the house one day, being a young grandma and having extra time with your grandkids and so on. 

We both love kids and can’t wait to make little Le Sueurs one day, but for now we want to enjoy being married & the simple living that comes with there only being two of us.

We are so fortunate to be at an age where we can truly enjoy life together as husband and wife for a few years before extending our family, and still get to extend our family at a young age.



I will end here with a quote from a book I am currently reading by C.S Lewis, whom you will probably soon realise is one of my favourite authors;


“Appreciative love gazes and holds its breath and is silent, rejoices that such a wonder should exist even if not for him, will not be wholly dejected by losing her, would rather have it so than never to have seen her at all.”